Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Deserve It (And You'll Be Better For It)


By Kelly Council

Stress is a huge factor in limiting the romance in a relationship. Most of the Top 6 reasons people are not having sex (see the last post below) are stress-related ~ either these factors cause stress or are caused by stress.

A huge reason why so many are stressed is because of a lack of time, too much to do, and an overwhelming array of demands and obligations.

Most of us know by now that we cannot fully take care of others and other things unless and until we take care of ourselves first. Finding ways to de-stress and relax are critical to our entire well-being ~ mentally, physically and spiritually.

Being in a relaxed state of mind is also a key element of a fulfilling sex life, especially for women.

Finding time to spend with or on yourself can affect your well-being. Taking a time-out can ensure there are fewer break downs, such as stress, or worse yet illness. Take a hot bath, read your favorite book, take the time to listen to some favorite tunes, or better yet, spend an evening with your friends.

Brown Bag Party offers a perfect opportunity to get together in a relaxing, comfortable environment with friends. Spending an evening at home getting pampered with your friends gives everyone a chance for much-needed girl talk and sharing.

Brown Bag Party now offers Pamper-Me Spa Parties. These G-rated parties bring friends together to relax, laugh, be pampered and renew connections with friends you may not have seen in a while due to hectic demands.

Like a traditional Brown Bag Party, guests come together in a friend's home to party. You'll see our amazing line of high-quality Spa, Bath, Body and Massage products and be able to try them out.

There is a dress code for Pamper-Me Spa Parties, but no one ever complains. You and your guests must dress in comfortable clothing that bares your legs from the knees down. Another requirement is that you and your guests should not shave for at least 2 days before the day of the party. No one ever complains about that one either.

We'll soak your feet in your choice of one of our Scented Bath Salts, then smooth our Sensation Shaving Cream on one leg and regular shaving cream on the other. We'll try both out and shave both legs, then spray on some of our Aftershave Mist and Body Dew After Bath Oil Mist for protection. Then we'll pamper our hands with our Rainbow Sorbet Skin Refiner and Radiance Body Lotion, pamper our feet with our Radiance Body Butter, enjoy a "mini" massage using one of our many massaging tools or oils, and finally realize just how long it's been since we've paid a bit of attention to ourselves.

You deserve it, and you'll be better for it.

Visit my website at to see Brown Bag Party's entire product line, where you can also shop online if you are not interested in hosting a party. In addition to our Spa line, we offer more intimate romance products, as well.

If you would like to schedule a Brown Bag Party Pamper Me Spa Party or any other theme party, give me a call toll-free at 877-922-7123, message me at or complete our online form on our website here.

Brown Bag Party is also seeking Independent Consultants Nationwide. Romance and spa parties are HOT! To learn more about what Brown Bag Party can do for you, visit to learn more.

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